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New: Individual & Business Client Care Packages

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If You Received a Notice, Do You Know How to Respond?

     You go to your mailbox, pull everything out looking for something more exciting than junk mail, and there it is … an envelope with the return address “Internal Revenue Service” on it.

     Your heart starts to race, and you break out in a sweat.  You open it and it’s a notice that the IRS is either questioning items on your tax return, or you’re going to be audited. Worse yet, you find out someone stole your identity, filed a tax return in your name, and collected a fraudulent refund!

     You might wonder why you received the letter from the IRS in the first place since you have your tax returns prepared by a professional. The truth is anyone is subject to the scrutiny of the IRS for a variety of reasons.
Of course, if we do make any error, we will correct the issue and take responsibility for any penalties or actions with the IRS.

The Client Care Package Will Save You Time and Money!

     For a small fee that’s added to your tax preparation invoice, we’ll shield and protect you from ever having to deal with the tax authorities by yourself in the event you get a notice from the IRS or state tax authorities. And if you ever have to meet with an agent in person, we’ll attend the meeting on your behalf. You don’t even have to go!

     You have the option to “opt out” of the plan if you choose; otherwise, you can agree to the protection by paying the fee. But if you choose to “opt out” of the Client Care Package, you will be charged our usual hourly rates to handle any and all notices you receive from the IRS or State questioning items on your return.

$4550 Value!

Service Level Benefits







Office Visits Scheduled Within 3-Days If Available

Priority Phone and Email Inquiries

Four 15-Minute Phone Calls, and 2 Office Visits ($600 Value)

Up to 1 Hour of Consultation Time At NO Additional Charge ($225 Value)

IRS Tax Identity Fraud Remediation

Individual IRS & State “Worry-Free” Audit Protection & Defense

IRS/State Notice/Correspondence Response ($225 Value)

Would You Go To Court Without a Lawyer?
Then Why Would You Face The IRS Without Expert Help?

     The IRS auditor then asks to see your records, and if you give him your credit card statements showing your office supply charges or other deductions, he will tell you, “This isn’t the right proof.” What does he mean, “It’s not the right proof”? He expects if you are representing yourself, you should know the 70,000+ pages of regulations.

     (As an aside, did you know that the IRS hires many auditors off the street with barely any knowledge of tax law? Are you ready to put one of the most stressful moments of your life, and your finances, in the hands of some neophyte that just went through a quick training? How are you supposed to know they know what they’re doing?)

     Here’s another scenario: what if you file your taxes and you get a notice in the mail that says, “We cannot process your income tax return because we already have one on file for you.”

     That means that some fraudster stole your identity, mailed in a fake tax return in your name, and made off with a big fat refund check that was supposed to be yours.
How in the world are you supposed to prove that you are you? Are you going to “wing it” by representing yourself and hope that the tax authorities side with you? More than 1,500,000 taxpayers had their tax data stolen in 2017 and 2018 with $6.2 billion fraudulently claimed. So, yes, it happens a lot more than you realize.


     Listen: the IRS has only one mission—to access and collect more money from you. They say that they are playing fair, but do you really believe that they have your best interests at heart? (The truth is, which the IRS will never fess up to, the agent’s annual review and performance incentives are based on how much more money they can squeeze from taxpayers like you.) The IRS has the power to garnish your wages and seize your bank accounts—something even the President of the United States cannot do.

It'll Cost You $3,500 to $10,000+ To Hire An Expert to Defend You During An Audit.

     We have an affordable plan because one of the problems is that you’ll have to pay between $3,500 and $10,000 and up for a licensed tax professional to defend you in an audit. Think about it: that’s money that could be spent on a dream vacation with your family, home improvements, or to spoil your kids!

     You see, many people think that IRS representation is automatically included in the tax preparation fee. Of course, if we do make an error, we will correct the issue and take responsibility for any penalties or actions with the IRS.

     But audit representation can range into the thousands of dollars. With the increase of tax identity theft cases and the frequency of audits over the past years, we are concerned about your well-being and have created a new plan to protect you. The IRS wants your money—and they’re banking on you representing yourself so they can push you around and get more money out of you!

     Not only that, but it pains us to see clients have to pay $3,500 and up to resolve a simple audit due to the time it takes to represent a taxpayer. And other small income tax notice issues usually take $300 to $500 or more to help resolve.

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