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January 2, 2024




I am pleased to announce that I have transferred ownership of Montgomery Accounting PC’s tax practice to James DiFrancesco & Associates, PC, and have joined the staff as their Tax Manager.

                As many of you with businesses know, on December 1st, I transitioned much of the bookkeeping division to our senior bookkeepers, who formed their own QuickBooks-based businesses.  I did this so I could focus the firm on tax, since it’s been a challenge to find enough experienced business tax preparers in the Montgomery area.  The bookkeeping transition has been successful so far.  But while continuing the search for additional tax staff last month to prepare for this tax season, I instead found a firm that has an abundance of experienced tax preparers, who needed a Tax Manager.  It was a natural fit and I believe sincerely that this will result in a faster and more responsive turn-around on your tax preparation and planning needs, which is what I was striving diligently for this year for you. 


                 I understand this news may come as a surprise.  However, I have been working with James on arrangements to make this a smooth transition.  James DiFrancesco & Associates, PC has nearly 30 years of diverse tax and accounting experience.  I feel fortunate to be afforded the opportunity to have a group of this caliber to continue taking care of your needs. 

                James’ firm and I are available to schedule a meeting with you virtually or in person to discuss the transition and to allow for the chance to become acquainted.  Your satisfaction with this transition is my ultimate concern, as you continue to be very important both in business and to me personally.  I am still your primary Point of Contact and you will have access to both me and the additional staff either by phone, virtually, email or in person.  Your tax files have been transferred and your electronic data is being transferred into their client portal.  The pricing of your returns should also be similar to what we charged. 

If you are a client that has tax or tax resolution work in progress, it will transfer to this firm.  If you have bookkeeping projects in progress with me, it will transfer over to this firm, Rosewater Bookkeeping (Stormy Montgomery’s new firm) or A. Mont Bookkeeping (Andrew and Joy Montgomery’s new firm).  Rosewater Bookkeeping and A. Mont Bookkeeping will both ensure we get your business financial reports, if applicable, for tax preparation.  You’ll be hearing from me personally on the status of any work in progress in the next few days.

You will soon be receiving a letter of introduction from James DiFrancesco & Associates, PC. and shortly after that you should receive your 2023 client organizers.  We anticipate being in a great place to start the tax season out strong.  Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and I hope to continue to serve you for many years into the future, just under a different business name.  Please feel free to reach out with any of your questions at or (713) 523-4270.

Happy New Year!

Rosanna “Roxi” Montgomery, CPA, MBA

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